Greenwood Artifacts

Art Basel 2021

Ku Klux Klan Robe and Hood

This uniform came into prominence during the second rise of the Ku Klux Klan and personifies the violent measure that white extremists take to terrorize Black social, political, and economic life.

*Collection of Greenwood Rising. Gift of Elaine Pleasant Armstrong

Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter

April 7, 1960 letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to John A. Cloman, Colored Voters of America 301-B North Greenwood Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma.Collection of Greenwood Rising.

*Gift of Princetta Newman (daughter of John A. Cloman)

1921 Red Cross Pins

1921 Red Cross pins belonging to Margaret McGrath and Mary McGrath, two Irish Catholic ladies from Webber's Falls, Oklahoma.  American Red Cross volunteers out of Muskogee, Oklahoma. When the Tulsa Race Massacre occurred the McGrath sisters were sent to Tulsa’s Greenwood community to render aid.   At the time, Margaret McGrath was 27 and Mary McGrath was 20 years old.

In 1930, the McGrath Jr family moved to Kansas City because the Klu Klux Klan would not allow the ice truck to stop at their house.

*Collection of Greenwood Rising, gift of Jon M. McGrath (grandson of John Joseph McGrath)

B.C. Franklin’s Freedmen Papers

This packet, belonging to B.C. Franklin, a Greenwood District founder, includes family history and certifies his status as a Choctaw Freedman.  It demonstrates the extent to which the social construct of race affects our identity past and present.*Copy of B.C. Franklin Freedmen Packet including Roll Call and Land Allotment.  

*Collection of Greenwood Rising, courtesy of Oklahoma Historical Society

Refugee Internment Cards and Tags

After the massacre, the American Red Cross provided various cards for Black detainees that afforded them the basic amenities like a bath or meal.  Release from the detention centers depended on white employers vouching for their Black workers.  Once released, Tulsa required Black citizens to carry police protection and identification cards until July 7, 1921.

*Copy of American Red cross cards and tags: police protection refugee card, bath tags, police protection tag, Red Cross pass, meal card, identification card. Collection of Greenwood Rising, courtesy of Tulsa Historical Society & Museum